Assistive Listening Devices

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Hearing Aid Accessories After working with the top audiologist in Manchester, you have the peace of mind that you are using the best hearing aids for your type and degree of hearing loss. Your hearing is now as good as … Continue reading

You Picked Out the Perfect Hearing Aid, What Now?

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When the top audiologist in Manchester, NH recommends a hearing aid to treat your hearing loss, you listen. After a proper hearing evaluation, your audiologist is able to help you determine the right device for your type and degree of … Continue reading

Conversation Tips

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Communicating with a person who has hearing loss can be stressful for both parties involved. Fortunately, the top audiologist in Manchester, New Hampshire has some conversation tips and tricks to make that political debate easier. Pay Close Attention Pay attention … Continue reading

Why Is Hearing Protection So Important?

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You would not snowboard in New Hampshire without a helmet; why would you attend a loud rock show without earplugs? While shredding down a mountain, weaving in and out of evergreens may seem more likely to warrant protection, do not … Continue reading

Driving with Hearing Loss?

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Nothing like a drive through the snowy Manchester, New Hampshire backroads to relax you. But for those with hearing loss, it may be more complicated than just getting in the car and taking off. If you think you may be … Continue reading

Better Hearing for the New Year

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Can you believe it is February 2017? It seems like just yesterday we were watching fireworks and eating grilled corn on the cob. With the new year comes a time for reflection, looking at your life and determining if you … Continue reading

The Link Between Concussions and Hearing Loss

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What do contact sports, car crashes and falls have in common? They are the leading causes of concussions in Manchester, New Hampshire. Usually caused by a sudden acceleration or deceleration to the head, a concussion is a type of traumatic … Continue reading

Movie Season

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What do you do when the weather is bad and the kids are all home for vacation? Go to the movies! It has everything those in Manchester, New Hampshire want: a good time, warmth, entertainment and popcorn. While this probably … Continue reading

Promising New Test for Hearing Aid Fittings

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On average, it takes an individual seven years to treat a hearing loss. This trend is due in part to the inconspicuous nature of the condition’s early warning signs. In the beginning stages of hearing loss, people often lose the … Continue reading

Exercise: Good for Your Hearing Too!

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Exercise can improve many areas of your life, including improved physical fitness, ability to focus, weight control and reduced risk of certain chronic illness. Regular exercise can even improve your overall mood. At the University of Florida, a group of … Continue reading