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What is a PSAP?

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If you have hearing loss, know you are not alone. There are nearly 48 million people in Manchester, New Hampshire and throughout the country with hearing loss; in fact, it is the third most commonly reported physical condition behind only … Continue reading

Dining Out with Hearing Loss

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Going out for a good meal in Manchester, New Hampshire with family and friends is one of the easiest ways to bring happiness into your life. Unfortunately, having hearing loss can quickly change a relaxing meal into a frustrating experience. … Continue reading

Hearing Aids: The Best Hearing Loss Treatment

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Hearing Aids For most individuals with hearing loss in Manchester, New Hampshire, the most commonly recommended treatment is the use of a hearing aid. Once your audiologist has determined the correct hearing loss treatment, you will need to work together … Continue reading

The Benefits of Hearing Aids

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It does not take much for most of us to convince ourselves that if we simply ignore a problem it will go away. But what if I told you that ignoring your hearing loss will do more than simply prevent … Continue reading

The Best Place to Get Hearing Aids

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These days it seems like you can get everything you need in one place. Big box stores are springing up all around Manchester, New Hampshire. You can walk in with the intention of buying a roll of paper towels and … Continue reading

Buying Hearing Aids

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The Who and Where of Buying a Hearing Aid. You can now buy your toothpaste, a three-month supply of chicken and a pair of hearing aids in one place; the question is – should you? If you are one of … Continue reading

Assistive Listening Devices

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Hearing Aid Accessories After working with the top audiologist in Manchester, you have the peace of mind that you are using the best hearing aids for your type and degree of hearing loss. Your hearing is now as good as … Continue reading

You Picked Out the Perfect Hearing Aid, What Now?

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When the top audiologist in Manchester, NH recommends a hearing aid to treat your hearing loss, you listen. After a proper hearing evaluation, your audiologist is able to help you determine the right device for your type and degree of … Continue reading

Movie Season

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What do you do when the weather is bad and the kids are all home for vacation? Go to the movies! It has everything those in Manchester, New Hampshire want: a good time, warmth, entertainment and popcorn. While this probably … Continue reading

Promising New Test for Hearing Aid Fittings

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On average, it takes an individual seven years to treat a hearing loss. This trend is due in part to the inconspicuous nature of the condition’s early warning signs. In the beginning stages of hearing loss, people often lose the … Continue reading