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Can Drugs Cause Hearing Loss?

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Have you ever heard about ototoxicity? It is essentially ear poisoning, caused by a collection of drugs or chemicals that are actually toxic to the ear. As your Manchester audiologist explains it, ototoxic medications can damage the vestibulocochlear nerve of … Continue reading

Hearing Aid Travel Tips

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Getting ready for a trip this holiday season? Don’t let your reliance on hearing aids put a damper on your vacation. Below are some tips and tricks from your Manchester audiologist to help ensure you have a successful trip. Pack … Continue reading

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Hearing Loss

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How many of you are plagued by unsolicited advice? It seems that people really love jumping in to offer you some sage words of wisdom, even though you never asked them for it. Below is some of the best worst … Continue reading

Lip Reading

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Hearing loss affects nearly 48 million people in Manchester, New Hampshire and around the country. Many of the individuals suffering from this condition choose to utilize more than just their hearing aids to help them reconnect with the hearing world. … Continue reading

Hearing Loss and Mental Health

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Do you have hearing loss? If so, I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind to simply avoid the problem. You are getting around Manchester, New Hampshire just fine; why do you need to go all the way down to … Continue reading

Tips for Halting Hearing Loss This Fall

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Leaf peeping season is upon us. As New Hampshire slowly turns from vibrant green to golden hues, we are reminded that fall is here! And with that comes a slew of outdoor activities from chores to community events. While a … Continue reading

How to Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

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Last year we published an article on how to prevent the most common types of hearing loss. Hearing loss is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions in America; as many as 48 million people in the United States are … Continue reading

Dining Out with Hearing Loss

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Going out for a good meal in Manchester, New Hampshire with family and friends is one of the easiest ways to bring happiness into your life. Unfortunately, having hearing loss can quickly change a relaxing meal into a frustrating experience. … Continue reading

Hearing Aids: The Best Hearing Loss Treatment

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Hearing Aids For most individuals with hearing loss in Manchester, New Hampshire, the most commonly recommended treatment is the use of a hearing aid. Once your audiologist has determined the correct hearing loss treatment, you will need to work together … Continue reading

What is High-Frequency Hearing Loss?

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One of the most common types of hearing loss is caused by age. As we grow older, the cells in our ears age as well. This makes it harder to hear high-frequency sounds. Causes of High-Frequency Hearing Loss Besides age-related … Continue reading