Hearing Aid Accessories

Once you’ve purchased hearing aids, you might want to look into adding accessories to enhance performance, improve comfort, or add versatility. Some will be more useful than others for your particular needs; if you have any questions about a particular product, check with your audiologist for information or recommendations.

Popular hearing aid accessories include the following:

Hearing Aid Accessories New Hampshire
  • Bluetooth accessories. Wireless connectivity enables you to stream audio from smartphones, MP3 players, tablet computers and other devices directly to your hearing aids for better clarity.
  • Transmitters and receivers. These devices work in tandem to provide better hearing in situations where background noise, distance and reverberation affect communications. They are especially useful in classrooms and lecture halls.
  • Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs). These consist of a microphone that is placed in close proximity to the sound source to provide amplification and boost your hearing aids’ performance. Helpful in movie theaters, churches and classrooms.
  • Power adaptors and cords. These allow direct input from a variety of audio sources such as FM systems, MP3 players and televisions.
  • Bluetooth Hearing Aid Accessories Manchester
  • Cleaning kits. Wax picks, wire loops, brushes and multi-tools that combine all of these into one versatile tool make cleaning your hearing aids easier, ensuring they are in top working condition and extending their life. Magnets for replacing batteries, tube and vent cleaners and battery door openers are all helpful, as well.
  • Earwax filters. Earwax is one of the main causes of damage to the electronic components in hearing aids. Filters help prevent wax from entering the devices, reducing the likelihood of repairs and prolonging their life.
  • Batteries. A ready supply of batteries will ensure you have plenty of backups available when needed. These are particularly important when traveling.