Tinnitus Treatment

At NHHI, we offer several treatments for tinnitus to help you experience a better quality of life. Our audiologists will go over the various treatment options with you and will help you decide which one best meets your needs and lifestyle. No matter the degree or severity of your tinnitus, there are treatment options available to help you experience a better quality of life.   

Many of the treatment options available are FDA-approved.  See the listing below.

Hearing Devices

Since tinnitus often accompanies hearing loss, a hearing aid is recommended to amplify sound as well as to boost other soft sounds in your environment.  With this combination, the device will help to camouflage your tinnitus symptoms.

Relief Sounds

This system adds soothing and dynamic relief sound to what you are already hearing to distract you from the buzzing, hissing, ringing or roaring sounds that you currently hear. The idea is to give you control over your condition. There are a variety of relief sounds to choose from to ease the effects of tinnitus. This system can also be used with Tinnitus Retraining Therapy for added instruction and support.  

Fractal Tone Technology

This program uses fractal tone technology where the sounds you hear are predictable but not repeating with the goal to rewire your brain and dull the effects of tinnitus.  Your audiologist chooses an assortment of “musical tones” known as “Zen styles,” which are random and chime-like. These tones can be adjusted (tone pitch, tempo, volume) to suit your comfort level.


SoundCure developed Serenade, an MP3 player-like device that is based on S-tones, sufficiently suppresses a patient’s tinnitus with these temporal-patterned sounds.  It is an effective treatment that uses patterned sounds to stimulate the brain’s auditory cortex. Your audiologist will conduct various tests to custom-design the device to meet your specific needs.  

iPhone App

There is an iPhone app available that is effective in relieving tinnitus.  The app utilizes a combination of sound therapy and relaxation exercises to reduce the severity of symptoms, and it can be used in combination with hearing instruments.  The app also transforms your iPhone into a remote control for your hearing aid.


Maskers look like hearing aid devices, and they are designed to “mask” your tinnitus symptoms with other sounds.  They basically cover up the problem and do nothing more than that. For that reason, we don’t recommend them because they don’t help to resolve the problem.


Counseling is really beneficial for patients who have anxiety, depression, or any other psychiatric condition associated with tinnitus.  Combining psychiatric therapy with auditory therapy may be the best treatment to relieve your symptoms.

Drug Therapy

Sometimes your audiologist or family physician may recommend drug therapy to help you cope with the anxiety and depression often associated with tinnitus.  The right combination of counseling and medication can help relieve the emotional and physical pain you may be experiencing with tinnitus.


Many audiologists recommend that tinnitus patients incorporate relaxation activities into their daily schedule to help alleviate the stress, frustration, and anger they experience with this condition.  Relaxation activities, such as deep breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation, help patients to manage their tinnitus better, as they are concentrating on something other than their tinnitus. Other activities such as walking, biking, cooking, swimming, and gardening, also have calming beneficial effects.  

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